Who is the aardwolf?

Aardwolf, smarter than the average wolf

Oh dear! I haven’t introduced myself – how awfully rude of me! Please allow me to do so now. I guess it’s time to ’fess up – I’m not actually a wolf, but more like a small striped jackal with big ears which enable me to listen precisely to what my customers want. On the other hand, I always say “wolf by name, wolf by nature”. We aardwolves are actually “lone wolves” and often reclusive writers or translators – Virginia Aardwoolf and the Steppenaardwolf being prominent examples. In fact, I actually fancy myself as a bit of a baardwolf – I love writing poetry and have even had some of my work published. The other thing we have in common with the pen and ink bunch is our nocturnal habits. Many writers like to burn the midnight oil. It really fuels our creativity. Creativity is also borne from uniqueness and that’s where I come in - I am pretty rare and you will be hard-pressed to catch sight of me in my native habitat of southern and eastern Africa, but if you do, you’re in for a treat. Just like the services offered on my website, I am individual and extraordinary.