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Subject areas and pricing

Translation is not some kind of mathematical process of converting texts from one language to another, and – contrary to popular belief – we translators aren’t walking dictionaries. A good translation is dependent on the ability to understand the content of the source text and to translate it into a text that uses subject-specific terminology so that your target audience not only understands it, but doesn’t even notice that it is a translation.

I provide translations from German to English and French to English, or English copy in subject areas in which I excel. I have chosen to specialise in the following areas:

I also have experience in a wide range of other areas, so if your subject area isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to contact me with a copy of your text.

My rates are based on difficulty, subject area and deadline. For a non-binding quotation – for either translation or copywriting – please contact me with a copy of your text for translation, or a briefing/description of your project for copywriting or journalism.